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Sunny days outside are what every person lives for in the summer and with summer so close to ending you have to take advantage of everything! That’s why it’s so great that we live downtown, near so many great parks. One such park that a lot of people in Toronto don’t know about, unless you live nearby, is the newly redesigned Trillium park, located right next to Ontario Place.

Trillium Park is a beautiful creation on an area that used to be a dilapidated, out of use parking lot next to Ontario place. Now it has a ton of green space and trails to walk along beautiful Lake Ontario, making is the perfect family outing and place to picnic.

The park boasts 1.3km trail that is great for walking and biking along the waterfront. Trillium Park has a great grass space near the start of the trail that provides an amazing view of the city. This area also has a pavillion that hosts many different events throughout the year, including free yoga every Saturday and Sunday morning through the summer. Just around the corner is a an area of stacked boulders on sand that acts as a natural climbing structure for older kids. Keep walking and there are grassy knolls that are a great spot to watch the airplanes taking off from Billy Bishop airport. This is especially great if you child is obsessed with planes like ours is!

Stroller Accessibility: 5

Being a park, everything here is easily accessible with the stroller. All of the trails have been paved, which means a smooth ride. As well all of the bathrooms and amenities have ramp access, making it a great choice for all families.

Environment: 5

Trillium Park is perfect for families because it’s not overcrowded like other parks in the area. This makes it a great choice to let the kids run around without much fear that they are going to disturb other people. As well, Ontario Place is a kids paradise with all of the events each weekend and the east commons (see below for more details)

Amenities: 4

As far as parks go this, Trillium Park and Ontario Place has it all. Along with all of the great outdoor experiences Ontario PLace has re-done a lot of it’s space to make it family friendly.

Next to the side entrance to Ontario Place is the Vista Eatery, a food joint that has a great view of the lake and is the perfect spot to stop after walking through Trillium Park. Here you can find a full bathroom with change table and space to clean up your littles after playing in the sand.

Just behind the Vista Eatery is a large scale chess set that will entertain kids of all ages, and some adults too! This area is known as the East Commons and has the following activities:

  • Imagination Playground
  • Giant Sandbox
  • Chess (chess sets available), located on the patio
  • GIANT Chess
  • Ping Pong (paddles + ball combos available)
  • Bocce Ball
  • Basketball courts (basketballs available)
  • Pop-up Skatepark

Food and Drinks: 4

Grab a drink and relax on the patio at the Vista Eatery overlooking the Lake, while the kids enjoy the sandpit just below. The Eatery has some food and snacks that will appeal to most people, not the more allergy friendly though I will admit. They have your typical burger and hotdogs you will find at most park concession stands.

Price Point: 5

With the majority of events and activities being free you can’t go wrong here. Save money by packing a picnic and drinks to take on your walk if you don’t want to spend money at the Vista Eatery. Some events are ticketed but the price points tend to be very affordable for what you get.

Overall Rating: 5

Trillium Park and Ontario Place are hidden gems in the heart of the city. For many, you probably have fond memories of Ontario Place from you childhood and now you can make new memories with you family. Plan your next picnic in this gorgeous park and enjoy this slice of nature in the city.

Upcoming Events:

Yoga in the Park, every Saturday and Sunday @ 10am

Jazz Sundays, every Sunday @ Vista Eatery 3pm-6pm

To check out more about Trillium Park, head to their website here:

Full Events Page for Trillium Park & Ontario Place:

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