Toddler Craft: Dinosaur Shoes!

If you follow my personal account on Instagram, then you have probably seen my stories where I have been sharing all of the crafts that we have been doing in quarantine!

I am NOT an artist. I do NOT classify myself as an expert in diy crafts. BUT, I AM a mom of a busy-bodied toddler that LOVES arts and crafts. So, I have come up with some activities over the last few weeks to keep us all sane and I figure I should share them with you too.

This one was probably her favourite because she is obsessed with shoes and could “wear” her craft for the rest of the day. I’ll keep this post short and sweet and get to the steps.

6 Easy Steps to Make Your Own Dinosaur Shoes:

Time needed: 45 minutes

  1. What You’ll Need:

    Two Empty Kleenex Boxes, Construction Paper, Scissors, Glue, Paint, Paintbrush and Any Other Craft Supplies to decorate the Boxes

  2. Pre-cut Shapes for Younger Kids

    For older kids, let them get creative and use what you have in your art bin to decorate the boxes

  3. Let Your Kids Get Creative and Decorate Their Boxes!

    I suggest starting with any paint first to allow it to dry and then add some additional decorations on top. There are no rules, just let them get creative and messy and you just enjoy a hot coffee!

  4. Let the Boxes Dry

    Once dry Add the “toe nails” to the boxes. These can be any shape your kids wants! Make sure to glue on well. I used white school glue, you can also opt for a glue gun depending on how active your kid is!

  5. Put Boxes Aside for at least 2-3 hours until fully dried

    I do this activity before nap time so then when they wake up they have something to play with! You can really extend this activity over a whole day which is great for little kids!

  6. Once dried, HAVE FUN!

    Let your kids put their shoes on and glide around the house! Be careful because they are a bit tricky to walk in at first so for very small toddlers, it may be best to hold their hand at first until they get the hang of it!

  • Craft Supply List

Running Low on Craft Supplies? Here are some of our Favourites!

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