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I am finally getting around to posting this amazing review on one of my favourite companies! Lola decided to arrive a week early and it’s been a whirlwind 6 weeks with a newborn and a toddler and running multiple businesses– but I can finally share what The Sprout Collection has done for my wardrobe!

When I was pregnant with Felipa I spent roughly $1000 on maternity clothes — yeah $1000! On clothing that I could no longer wear again, unless I got pregnant again…right?? WRONG… I did get pregnant again, with precious little Lola. Except little Lola made some big changes to my hips and boobs and all of those clothes that I bought before DID NOT FIT.

So, luckily I happened to be at the Baby Show and I came across The Sprout Collection. There was a beautiful rack of maternity clothing and I thought I could purchase the pieces. I was wrong. They were for rent– I was confused. Rent maternity wear?? What? Why didn’t I think of this? Well Joyce Lim, the creator behind the company did (when she was pregnant) and let me tell you — this company does not disappoint in the quality of product and customer service.

How does it work?

It’s simple, there are three steps to renting from Sprout:

Step 1: Choose your package. They have multiple packages to choose from that will help suit your style and your budget. The lowest cost package is $79 and goes up to $199/month

Step 2: Pick out your pieces. They have everything from everyday casual to business wear to show-stopping occasion wear.

Step 3: Wear, Return & Repeat. They take care of all the return shipping labels and the dry cleaning. Just simply wear your pieces, put them back in the box they came in, attach the shipping label and send back!

The Clothes

Okay so here is where I am sold on this rental maternity company. The clothes. They have curated some amazing pieces from some fantastic designers and I have fallen in love with every piece I have rented over the last few months. Whether it’s a casual sweater to a beautiful jacket, my baby shower dress to a nursing shirt — everything is of amazing quality and perfect for the month that I rented it.

What I love the most about renting maternity and non-maternity clothes is that I do not have to spend hundreds of dollars on one dress that I am going to wear once. I also don’t have to go into a store to shop with my toddler and baby. Saying goodbye to fast-fashion was probably my favourite part of signing up with The Sprout Collection.

We all know how bad fast-fashion is for the environment, and that’s why I really love this concept of renting maternity and non-maternity clothing. Instead of spending $1000 on clothes that you are going to wear for 3-4 months, you can spend as little as $300-400 over the same time frame and on designer clothes. HI- Sign me up!

The Benefits

  • Easy, fast and reliable
  • A minimum of 4 beautiful pieces per month that YOU choose
  • Quick and easy return system
  • Plenty of styles and sizes to choose from
  • Amazing customer service
  • Easy website to navigate
  • It’s convenient
  • No More Fast Fashion!

The Cons

  • There are none, go sign up and see for yourself!

Seriously though, the only way to know if renting fashion is for you is to try it out. And when you do, use our code Strollinandsprout at checkout for $20 off your first box! For those of you that are not expecting, or just had your baby — there are plenty of nursing friendly pieces and their entire Everyday Collection, which is non-maternity.

For more information on The Sprout Collection and to see all of the beautiful pieces that you can be renting, check them out at

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PS: Some of our posts contain affiliate links and partnerships, which means if you purchase or sign up – Strollin for Lattes may get something in return. As always..all opinions, ideas and reviews are entirely our own.

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