The Mommy Diaries: A Day in the Life

The Mommy Diaries

Follow our co-founder Amanda as she navigates the business world, masters the side hustle and tries to find “balance” while working from home and wrangling her unruly, nap striking toddler!

Let’s dive right in here–this is the daily dose of my realness. My reality. I work from home 80% of my week, the other 20% is at a chain of gyms where I run the Marketing, Social Media and manage a team of 12 front end staff — all with my toddler in my office. I hope to bring you some relief to your day knowing that you are not alone in the struggles of trying to make it all work! Some days are much easier than others, some days are a write off and some days are just Hard AF.

I never really knew what working from home and taking care of a very active toddler would look like, but I never imagined that my days would be so unstructured, so hectic and yet so fulfilling—okay I’ll cut the crap, fulfilling is not the word my husband would use after being on the receiving end of my rage texts because Felipa wont nap!

But at the end of the day, I have created a working situation that is very flexible and allows me to be with my kid every waking moment of the day……it’s not for all parents out there, but for now it’s working and I’m gonna let you in on what a typical day looks like in my life.

So here you have it, The Mommy Diaries: The good, the bad and the very real & ugly of parenthood. For now, here’s a glimpse into a typical day–the one that happens about 80% of the week:

The Morning Routine

7:00am-7:30am: Felipa wakes us up by laughing in her monitor (or screaming, today we’ll go with laughter). Phil gets up and changes her and brings her downstairs while I go back to bed. (I know, I have a pretty sweet set up here–but he loves his morning time with her, and well, I love my sleep)

7:00am-8:15am: Daddy daughter time. Don’t ask me what they do here, I’m asleep remember. I know that she is fed, dressed and generally in a good mood by the time I drag my ass out of bed.

8:15am-9:00am: Time to get ready for the day. Showers & coffee for mom and dad and playtime for Felipa. (Play kitchen sets, Peppa Pig and toy pianos are your friend … )

8:45am: Daily morning call with my bestie from childhood. We talk about our days, our cravings (we’re both pregnant), our bowel movements (sorry TMI but it’s the truth), our husbands, the memes we sent each other the night before, birth, placentas, child rearing…you know the regular I’ve been your friend for over 30 years and know everything about you so what else is there to talk about convo!

9:00am: Phil leaves for work and cue the screaming and lots of tears from little miss daddy’s girl. I typically ignore her tantrums and she calms down within 2-3 minutes and we go back to our day. Crisis averted….for the 50th fucking time this week! #momwin

The Bulk of Our Day:

9:00am-10:00am: My key hour to get my day organized–that is, if I was too lazy the night before–which was probably very likely. I check emails, prioritize my day via multiple checklists while simultaneously playing pretend tea and kissing dollies that my 17 month old will bring me.

10:00am: Should be nap time but most likely the nap strike bandit will appear and there will be no sleep had by anyone. We will read, play outside and try to tire little miss Felipa out so that she can go to fucking sleep.

11:00am: Felipa is put in her crib. Whether she is awake, asleep, protesting or not. And there she will stay until the sleep monster gets her and finally puts her out. She hates it, I’ve learned to deal with the whining and eventually she falls asleep. I claim my second #momwin of the morning.

11:00am-1:00pm: Warm my coffee back up (decaf of course, remember I’m also growing baby sister #2). Open my laptop and get to work. I will maybe have 1.5 hours until the toddler awakens. If I’m lucky then 3! Let’s pretend this is a unicorn day and she sleeps 3 hours. This is what I can squeeze in:

  • Emails
  • Phone Calls
  • Scheduling Meetings with my staff onsite
  • Writing a few reviews
  • Editing pictures
  • Setting up the content 3 social media accounts that I manage for the week
  • Working on Marketing campaigns
  • Updating policies for my management position
  • Making lunch
  • Eating lunch
  • Quick phone call to bitch about my morning with the bestie (we talk about 5-8 times a day via IG, text or call…find your tribe because…self care!)

1:00pm: Time for Felipa to wake up, have lunch and spend the next 2-3 hours either at a park, play centre, play date or something physical. Because I am thinking ahead to bedtime and if this kid doesn’t get her energy out now, she wants to at 7:00pm and let’s be honest, mommy doesn’t have the energy for that kind of shit. Oh yea, let’s not forget the 5-6 predictable tantrums that are likely to occur, due to these possible reasons:

  • I took her out of her highchair, even though she was finished eating
  • I put the wrong shoes on her
  • I had to change her diaper
  • I opened the fridge the wrong way
  • I didn’t serve her milk to her right away
  • I removed her off of the kitchen table, because you know it’s dangerous
  • Insert any other random movement that can piss my toddler off

4:00pm: Afternoon snack time and coffee break for mom. As you can see, my day is sponsored by coffee. Without it, I just wouldn’t function. More playtime and educational/sensory activities for the next hour until dad gets home…is dad home yet? When is dad coming home? Daddy? Phil? Anybody?

The Evening Routine:

5:30pm: Dad is home! Thank Fuck! Felipa runs to Phil and is the happiest kid you have ever seen with ZERO indication that she was probably a nightmare today.

5:45pm-7:00pm: Dinner prep, outdoor playtime on the water/sand table and reading time with Phil and then dinner. Also, when I would probably have a glass of wine (ok let’s be honest the bottle) — but I’m pregnant, so a Fresca on ice it is, in a wine glass of course.

7:00pm-8:00pm: Bedtime routine and bed for Felipa. Phil is responsible for bedtime routine. Every. Single. Night. (again, his dedicated time with her and I am not complaining at all!)

And Finally–Time for the Side Hustle:

8:00pm-11:00pm: Work on the website, social media accounts and anything else of importance that I didn’t get to from the day. It’s either that OR I binge watch reality tv while I scroll the gram because….SELF CARE! oh and if it’s Wednesday I go to Yoga lol

I forgot to mention that we meal prep on the weekends and do a major cleaning at least once a week so that maintenance is pretty minimal Monday to Friday….the one thing I’ve learned being with my husband for 12 years is that teamwork makes the dream work. I can’t do it alone, and asking for help is not a bad thing!

Fuck, writing that all out was exhausting. There you have it. A typical day. Sounds like fun right? *insert eye roll here* Join me next week when I share a true account of my day when I head to the office …. yes with my toddler. #funtimes

If you have a similar experience, or just need to vent about your day then please use this space as your outlet! Swearing, funny stories, sad stories, mom fails and mom wins are highly encouraged. No judgment–just real moms and dads supporting one another on this crazy journey of parenting!

Until next time,


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