The Good Neighbour Espresso Bar

Good Neighbour Espresso Bar
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Up next on our tour of Blog TO’s Top 50 Coffee Shops in Toronto is The Good Neighbour on Bloor West.  We were lucky a few weeks back with a beautiful 20 degree day on my hubby’s day off! So we walked across the city to visit this location as we hadn’t been to our old stomping grounds of the west end in a while.

Walking into the espresso bar was warm and welcoming.  The space is large and bright with plenty of seating and open spacing suitable for strollers and coffee dates with your mom/dad friends.

Located on Bloor St West, just west of Bathurst St this location is easily accessible by TTC, car or walking. 

Stroller Accessibility: 5

Stroller or Baby Wearing, this coffee shop has tons of space.  We were able to easily park our sleeping babe right beside us as we did work at a 2 seater table.  There is also counter top seating at the window in the front and a large bench opposite of the cash that you can sit and enjoy your coffee on.

Environment: 5

This espresso bar was open and well laid out.  The staff were friendly and the music wasn’t too loud and enjoyable.  We really loved the airy open feeling and that you weren’t too close to other people in the shop.  

Amenities: 4

They do have high chairs for you to use and there is a change table in only one of the washrooms.  Just note that the bathroom is in the basement, so plan to leave your stroller/belongings up by your table when you bring your little to get changed.  

Food and Drinks: 5

I had an Iced Americano, while my husband opted for a hot one (I seriously don’t know how…it was so warm out!) We also ordered a Chocolate Croissant for Felipa, well because she is a croissant addict.  The coffee was smooth and delicious and the croissant was sweet and flaky.  They offer an assortment of teas and espresso based drinks as well a small selection of sweets and sandwiches for you to enjoy.

Price Point: 5

Price was as expected in Toronto, reasonable for the quality of coffee and food.  You can look to spend anywhere from $3.10 for an espresso and up to $5.10 for a mocha or vanilla latte.

Overall Rating: 4.5

We loved this spot so much and will definitely be returning! We wanted to give it a perfect score, but the washrooms in the basement were just not optimal for mamas and papas on their own.  We did however love the vibe, the coffee and the sweets and can’t wait to go back.

The Good Neighbour Espresso Bar:

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