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Toronto Coffee Review
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We recently stumbled across a Blog T.O post that had shared the Top 50 cafes in the city.  We were instantly intrigued, well because…coffee. The article was good.  It listed the main coffee shops around Toronto and what they offered with a few pics.  But, for us moms it definitely did not give enough information on mom stuff that we need to know before we head out with our mini tribe.  

So we thought, why not take those 50 Top Coffee Shops in Toronto and add it to our review list? So here you have it, the first of 50 that we hope to highlight over the next few months.  

Te Aro, located at Queen Street East and Carlaw Ave is a coffee roaster and cafe selling delicious coffee and pastries. 

Te Aro is easily accessible by TTC or driving.  There is Green P parking on both sides on Queen St and if you’re lucky, you’ll grab a spot right out front.

It has a cool industrial style with laid back vibes. I have come here so many times on my own and with my toddler and every time has been fantastic.

Stroller Accessibility: 5

The cafe itself is very open with plenty of room to park a stroller next to your seat.  Watch out for peak times though as it can get quite busy and hard to grab a table.  In the spring/summer, their large patio out front opens up and gives you even more seating options.

Environment: 5

During peak hours, the space can get a bit crowded, so you may want to ditch your stroller and opt for baby wearing instead.  At any other time, the vibe is chill and relaxed with low music on in the background.  The perfect arena for writing, enjoying some quiet time, meeting up with a friend or possibly shall I dare say, nap time?

The staff is knowledgeable and friendly.  The small touches that spread through the cafe are thoughtful and appreciated; from the water pitchers, magazines and a few high chairs for local mamas to use. 

Amenities: 4

Amenities were a bit scarce for the size of the space, however I get it—they aren’t there to just accommodate your kids.  There were only 2 high chairs to use that happened to be taken when I visited the last time.  Keeping Felipa in her stroller was a little bit of a struggle and cut our visit short, but we made due.

Bathrooms are of a decent size and easily accessible for your littles.  As mentioned, during peak times you may be out luck with using the high chairs and may need to rely on your stroller instead. 

Food and Drinks: 5

Coffee and pastries were delicious as always. On our last visit I got a latte and a croissant (my go-to) and was not disappointed at all.  If you’re a fan of Pilot Roasters Coffee then this is the spot for you to check out!

Price Point: 4

Price point was relative to the area and comparable amongst most coffee shops in Toronto.  You can expect to spend anywhere between $3 and up for basic drip, teas and $5 and up for mochas, lattes and espresso bar drinks.  They accept all forms of payment.

Overall Rating: 4.5

We loved the overall ambience of Te Aro.  The spacing, lighting and staff are reasons why we return.  The coffee is delicious, the pastries decadent and they have plenty of room for your littles to join you.  Whether you choose to go solo, or take your toddler/baby along for the ride, we’re sure that you’re gonna love this east end cafe!

Te Aro Website: https://www.pilotcoffeeroasters.com/

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