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Diversify Your Bookshelf: Books About Race for Children of all Ages

I am the first to admit that this website is NOT diverse enough. Am I doing this too late? I think I am. Am I going to change that? 100% and starting now. Since this website is based on family content, I am going to do my best to share more on diversity for your […]

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Suzanne’s Table: 7-12 Months What to Feed Baby

Hands-on tasting experience for babies where they teach each other to eat. Parents learn simple but nutrient-packed, quick foods to offer. Specifically this session will include: -Practical, quick food ideas and nutrients to focus on -Minimum of 10+ foods samples for babe from each food group -Healthy foods-to-go ideas -Sample meal plans -How to foster […]

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Suzanne’s Table: 0-7 Months Getting Ready for Solids

This session will lay down an in-depth foundation to start or continue your journey with solids! Baby is welcome. You will get the inside story on: Pros and cons of various eating principles like baby-led weaning When to start solids/drinksProgression of textures to offer baby Hunger cues and fullness cuesIntroducing key allergens based on 2019 […]

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