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So, you have a toddler! So do we and we know the struggles of keeping them entertained all day long.  Here is where Sprouts comes in!  I stumbled across this amazing play centre when my daughter was having a very energetic day and I just could not keep up.  A few mom friends had mentioned it in passing and I decided to finally pack up Felipa and take her to Sprouts. Let me tell you—it was the best decision I have made all year! 

Sprouts is a large (6000 sq ft) indoor play centre where your kids can run free and play-under your supervision.  They also offer a ton of programs for infants to 9 years old.  They have drop in classes as well as scheduled classes that run anywhere between 8-12 weeks.  Examples of some of the classes they run are:  Creative Kids in the Kitchen, Game Masters, Baby Gym, Toddler Gym, Ninja Fit, Dance and Theatre…just to name a few!

Sprouts is located on Carlaw Ave just north of Queen Street East.  It is super accessible by car and TTC, with plenty of Green P street parking right in front of the building.  Be sure not to park in the lot across from their unit though, this is a private lot and you will be ticketed/towed.

Stroller Accessibility: 5 

There is a full section of indoor stroller parking for you to use when inside the facility.  You will need to leave your stroller in stroller parking and will not be able to bring it past the front, so make sure you have your baby/toddler bag with everything you need for your visit.  

Environment: 5

The play space is any toddler’s dream. You have slides, ladders, balls, lego blocks, giant building blocks, puzzles and a whole trampoline section!  The noise level is relative to how many kids are playing when you visit.  However, they have a “quiet” room for your littles in the event that they (or you) need a break.

Staff are very friendly.  I was given a full tour of the facilities when I first arrived and had all of my questions answered.  The vibe was family friendly and full of energy.  The facility was super clean and I even noticed a bin for slobbered on toys to go into!

Amenities: 5

I would give their amenities a 5+ to be honest.  This place has thought of everything! 

They have an entire kitchen/eating area where you and your child(ren) can enjoy a snack and drink.  They have different chairs for different age ranges and comfortable benches for mom and dad to join too.  

The washrooms are large and spacious.  They have a whole change table area located in front of the women’s washrooms so anyone can use it.  No shoes are allowed past the main reception area, so you will be asked to leave them in one of the many cubbies along with your child’s.

Food and Drinks: 5

FREE STARBUCKS! Probably the best thing about this place for over-tired and over-worked moms like us.  They provide you with free Starbucks Tea, Coffee or Hot Chocolate as well as spill proof coffee tumblers.

You are more than welcome to bring your own snacks for your kids, but make sure they are nut-free.  They have a vending machine that sells snacks and some Love Child Organics snacks as well.

Price Point: 5

The price is comparable to most play gyms across Toronto.  You can purchase a 6 class pass for $69.50 (plus tax) which works out to $11.50 per class.  For a no time limit play centre that really has it all, I think personally that this is a steal! Did I mention that your first visit is FREE?! I found this out when I first arrived and was pleasantly surprised.  

If you think that you will be attending a lot more frequently, then you can purchase their Monthly Membership at $129 a month.

All passes are for 3 children (siblings) and 2 adults.  Passes are transferable which is also amazing so you can treat another mom (or dad) to a play on you!

We’ve listed some of their links below so that you can check out the program pricing and get more information!

Overall Rating: 5

Overall, we give Sprouts a perfect score!  This facility has thought of it all.  From the play area, to the programming, free coffee and amazing washroom/kitchen area—we were more than impressed.  Also, Felipa has final say on all kid play reviews and she will be going back and hopes to see you there!

Sprouts Gym/Playground: https://www.sproutskids.ca/gymplayground

Sprouts Class Descriptions: https://www.sproutskids.ca/class-descriptions

Sprouts Hours & Location: https://www.sproutskids.ca/hours

Sprouts Pricing: https://www.sproutskids.ca/prices

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