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Up next on the Blog TO list of the Top 50 coffee shops in Toronto is Rooster Coffee House-Jarvis Street location.  I literally live about 4 blocks from this shop and I can’t believe I’ve never been in there.  This place is just beautiful and the coffee is amazing. From the staff to the big bright open space, you can’t go wrong bringing your little with you to enjoy a great cup of coffee and a treat!

They do have two levels at this location, the upper level only accessible by stairs so if you are bringing a stroller just be aware that you will only be able to use the downstairs space. There is plenty of seating on both levels, but during peak times seating can be scarce.

Located at Jarvis and Bloor, this location is not easily accessible by car. You would need to park on a side street and then walk a bit.  I recommend walking if you are in the area or you can take the Bloor Line to Yonge or Sherbourne and then walk a few blocks to get there.

Stroller Accessibility: 5

Rooster Coffee House is definitely stroller accessible on its first level.  If you are wanting more option for seating, then consider baby wearing so that you can access the second floor (by staircase). We easily sat up at one of the bars by the windows and were able to partially tuck our Uppababy Cruz between us without being in the way.

Environment: 5

The environment here is warm and inviting.  The staff were more than helpful and kind.  It just has this feel good atmosphere that makes you want to spend the afternoon there. It isn’t very loud and Felipa slept the entire time we were there—yay for unexpected coffee date!

Amenities: 4

The space is very accessible for those with strollers.  The washroom however did not have a change table.  It was a very large washroom with more than enough room for you to bring your stroller in with you—so you could just use the stroller to change your babe. I didn’t notice any high chairs, so make note that you will either be holding your little one, or using your stroller as their seat.  

Food and Drinks: 5

We both ordered lattes and they were amazing.  Really smooth with very low acid.  I also ordered a croissant and it was really tasty as well.  They offer a variety of foods to go in their fridge if you are looking for more than just sweets. 

You can find gourmet daily sandwiches, organic vegan  salad bowls, Vegan and Gluten Free options, as well as alternative milks for your beverages: Oat, Macadamia, Coconut, Soy and Almond.

Price Point: 5

Prices range from $2.50 for a shot of espresso and up to $5.25 for a 4 shot latte. You can get brewed coffee starting at $1.75 or seasonal drinks like Cucumber Lemonade for $4.00.  All prices are average for Toronto coffee shops and we weren’t shocked by any of the menu items.

Overall Rating: 4.5

I really liked this spot and can see why Blog TO rated it as one of Toronto’s Top 50 coffee shops.  What’s even better is now we can let you know that it is super kid friendly and stroller accessible.  So whether you want to head out with your kid(s) in tow or enjoy a cup solo, we know that you will enjoy this one!

Rooster Coffee House Locations and Hours:

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