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How we rate our reviews

Before you read our reviews, we thought it would be useful for you to know how we rate the places that we review! We have created a simple 5 stroller rating that we will use for every post.  These ratings are based on our personal experience and we hope that you find it helpful when choosing the place that you are hoping to visit with your littles! We have listed below for you descriptions on what we are looking for when we are out to make it easier for you to understand exactly what our final rating is based on.

1- Stroller Accessibility:

We have all been there before; you go to meet up with a girlfriend for coffee or lunch and you are met with the dreaded staircase! Well you no longer have to worry, we will provide you with the details on whether or not your next go to spot will have stairs, a ramp, or even stroller parking.  We’ll also provide you info on whether or not to skip your stroller and strap your baby on via carrier instead due to space and other hurdles that you may encounter.

2- Environment:

Let’s face it, there are plenty of places that are stroller accessible in the city, but some are not very kid/family friendly.  We’ll make sure to give you an honest account on whether or not the places we visit have a suitable environment for you and your fam.  This will breakdown into a few different areas: staff, space, music levels, food & beverage options and overall experience.

3- Amenities:

Highchairs, change tables, play areas, or anything else geared towards your littles. This one is so important for us! I, for one, HATE  changing my baby girl on the bathroom floor—but sometimes it’s inevitable, we have all been there and it’s horrible. We have even been to a few spots in the city already where you have to call ahead to reserve a high chair! (did you know that was a thing?!).  We are hoping to provide you with enough info you need to avoid these situations and be prepared with alternatives. We will make sure to detail any small tips so that you aren’t stuck having to hold your little one that whole time you are out or worse!

4- Food and Drinks:

We’ll let you know whether the food & drinks are worth it for you to go! Whether you are choosing one of the places we review for a girl’s (or guy’s) only day or taking your little ones with you, we’ll make sure to give you a recap on what we had, recommend and didn’t like.  

5- Price Point:

Whether the places we go are free, low-cost or more on the expensive side; we will let you know the costs and the value.  Nothing is worse than spending a ton of money and getting less than what you paid for!

Overall Rating:

We will give you an overall rating and opinion of what we thought based on what we experienced.  We may also give half-ratings, this will be because maybe all the criteria was outstanding, but the price point happened to be high or there were no high chairs or the food was just okay…you get the point!

Now that you have a good idea as to what we are rating on, we hope that you enjoy our reviews and get some great value out of them!  

Comment if there is a place you would like us to check out and you might see it featured here soon!

PS: Some of our posts contain affiliate links and partnerships, which means if you purchase or sign up – Strollin for Lattes may get something in return. As always..all opinions, ideas and reviews are entirely our own.

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