Packing for South East Asia: 2 Backpacks and a Baby

We have finally created some packing lists for you all! If you read our post a few months back, then you got the top tips for packing for a backpacking trip across South East Asia. If you haven’t read this post then check it out HERE first to see how we packed for our 3 week backpacking adventure with our 10 month old.

We made this packing list based off of our backpacking history:

  • 2 European Backpacking Trips (totalling 120 days)
  • 1 Thailand Backpacking Trip (23 days)
  • Our Backpacking Trip to Vietnam, Hong Kong and Thailand with our 10 month old baby (23 days)

Let’s just say we’ve had some experience backpacking in the last decade and we have learned what is a necessity and what is a luxury! These lists were developed for the minimalist travellers (like ourselves). We did included Gate Check options like strollers, car seats and pack n plays–but we did not actually travel with any of these items–just a trusty baby carrier.

Feel free to amend the lists how you need to, to fit your family’s needs. These lists are actually an exact replica (just a little fancier) of the ones we used to pack for our last vacation. We packed minimal clothing because, well, I love to shop and needed to leave some room for some extra clothing I picked up along the way!

For more details on what brands we used and type of backpacks, check out our Travel Tips post. If you just want to jump ahead to downloading our easy and simple Packing Lists, then here you go:

South East Asia Backpacking List for Baby: Click HERE to download!

South East Asia Backpacking List for The Parentals: Click HERE to download!

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