Packing For Hawaii: Tips & Lists

We are getting ready for Babymoon #2 and are so excited to be headed to Oahu! We’ll be staying in Honolulu right on Waikiki Beach but also plan on exploring Oahu and see as much as we can in a week. So, since we have been travelling with Felipa since she was 6 weeks old, we figured we should start to compile some tips and lists for you to help you get started when planning your dream vacations with your littles!

We have over packed for Europe, backpacked across South East Asia and travelled to Los Angeles more times that we can count! So this post is to give you some simple tips on how not to overly stress about packing and how to pack smart!  

Tip 1: Research & Plan!

Take a look at the area you will be staying. What are the average temperatures? What kinds of activities are you interested in?  This will really help you to narrow down what you need to pack for yourself and your family. 

As much as we love to be spontaneous and for the most part we are, we know that traveling with a baby/toddler can be much easier if we have a general idea of the landscape before we travel. This comes from good old google, friends and family that have travelled to the same location and websites like this one! 

I recommend taking at least 1-2 weeks to research some main activities/locations that you want to do/see so that you aren’t surprised when you get there by the terrain or weather.  

Tip 2: Don’t Overpack!

Or try your best not to — I know, it can be daunting trying to figure out what you need for a week (or two) away from home—especially with a baby or toddler or both! But it is best to research the destination and really sit down and think about what you will need for the type of vacation you are taking.  Some questions to ask yourself before starting to pack:

-What kind of vacation is this going to be? Relaxing on a beach? Hiking? Exploring the city-scape?

-How long will we be away for?

-What is the weather going to be like? Click HERE for our post on Oahu weather and what to expect on your vacay!

These types of questions will help you to start to develop a simple packing list based on what you actually need and not on what you THINK you need.  My favourite packing tip is to put aside all the clothes/accessories in a pile (for yourself and your little) about 1-2 weeks before you leave.  Then every 2 days, remove one item that you know you won’t need.  I have successfully eliminated almost 1/4 of items every trip just by following this simple trick.  And I can guarantee you from experience that I didn’t miss one of those items!

Tip 3: Pack Smart!

Try and use packing cubes whenever you can.  Not only do they help to categorize your clothing, shoes and accessories— they are also great space savers.  Also, once you arrive at your destination, it is so much easier and quicker to unpack your luggage if it’s already organized!  I know it sounds like a lot of work now, but once you get to your vacation spot, the last thing I want to do is spend unnecessary time in the hotel room.

Amazon Basics 4 Piece Packing Cubes, Medium in Black

Tip 4: Use a List!

You will always forget something if you don’t write it down.  Hello mom brain?! So we have come up with 2 handy lists specific to Hawaii and a week long vacation at a hotel for you to use.  You don’t have to think about a thing, just download and print the lists below and away you go—one easy step closer to getting away!

Hawaii Packing List for Mama: Click HERE to download!

Hawaii Packing List for Toddler: Click HERE to download!

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