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Diane, the career mom behind Neville Park Photography started experimenting with a camera as a teenager. She had always used her photography as her creative outlet while she built a career in finance. She then had a baby and picked up her camera again and started to capture her newborn son. After her daughter was born, she decided to leave her career in finance to pursue her passion in photography. I can always support a strong woman that is pursuing her passions! And am I ever happy she did or else I wouldn’t have a collection of memories of my pregnancy, my family and all the squishy goodness of my newborn baby girls.

When I got pregnant with Felipa I knew that I wanted to capture this time in my life. It took 3 years to conceive Felipa and we didn’t know if we were going to have a second, so getting professional pictures was so important to us. (and then just as important when little Lola arrived!)

It took me 7 months to find a photographer that I liked – as I am not one to compromise on quality. I was finding that either the pricing was outrageous for what you got or I didn’t like the style of the editing. Then I came across Neville Park Photography and everything about her website and social media spoke to me.

Booking was a breeze. I simply contacted Diane via her website and gave her a run-down of what we were looking for. We ended up booking our maternity, newborn and a one year cake smash photoshoot and we were not disappointed with what we got!

Pricing and Packages

Diane’s pricing is competitive – you are probably not going to find a photographer that is going to give you pics with your package – and she does! Oh did I mention that she has the most beautiful clothing for your kids?! and also for maternity shoots, so if you are stuck on how to style your baby or yourself–do not worry! Diane will work with you to create the most stunning pictures.

She has a wide range of packages and prices to suit what you are looking for. Here are a few of them to give you an idea of what you are getting:

Newborn Package ($650 +hst): Includes a 2-2.5hr session that includes 20 fully edited high res images that you choose from a gallery. You can choose a lifestlye session at your home for an additional $50, or a posed session at her studio (located in the Beaches). These can also include posed shots with parents and/or siblings. She also has a Newborn Mini Package at $400 + hst – click here for more details.

Baby or Toddler Mini Studio Package ($250 +hst): Includes a half hour session in studio, which includes 12 fully edited high res images that you choose from a gallery. This can also include a sibling.

Our Favourite Pics

It was so hard to narrow these pictures down, but I really wanted to show you the range and variety of images that Diane captures. From our gothic-chic inspired maternity shoot with Felipa to our beachy-glowy shoot with Lola and everything in between, Diane’s work really speaks for itself — so I’ll let it do that now…

Maternity Shoot, Newborn Pics and Cake Smash Package: Felipa

Maternity and Newborn Package: Lola

I knew that when I booked Diane, I was going to get some pretty amazing pictures. Aside from her clearly stunning work, she is the nicest person ever! From our first shoot as nervous parents-to-be to our last shoot as experienced parents to 2 under 2 — she made us feel comfortable and at ease. The sessions never felt forced and she really captured our family perfectly!

I’ve put together 5 tips to help you choose your next photographer — when I chose Neville Park Photography, she definitely checked off all of these on my list of must haves for a photographer!

Top 5 Tips When Booking a Photographer

1. Style: There are so many different styles of photography and editing. Make sure you take the time to review their website and galleries to get a full view of what they can offer you.

2. Timing: Especially with newborn sessions, you want to find your photographer in advance of the baby’s due date. Booking your photographer in advance allows you to ensure that they are free, as well as setting your schedule in advance so you can plan ahead. With maternity shoots, you also want to book in advance so that you can ensure your photographer is available during the last weeks of your pregnancy.

3. Experience: What is your photographer’s experience? This is really important when it comes to newborn shoots. They will be handling your baby and putting them into posed positions (for studio shoots), so you want to ensure that the photographer you choose has taken courses and has had plenty of experience with babies. (fyi – Diane is a baby whisperer…our girls slept through all of their shoots!)

4. Pricing and Packages: Capturing your family, pregnancy and babies is definitely an amazing memory to have for the future, but it shouldn’t break the bank. Finding a photographer that includes images in their packages is definitely a plus because you will find photographers that charge an extraa $200+ on top of the photoshoot cost. Take your time to ask for all of this information up front if it is not listed on their website.

5. Post Production Delivery: Don’t forget to ask how long the images will take to be edited and given to you. This is important if you are planning to give out holiday cards, thank you’s or a gift for grandma. Also, make sure that you know how you are going to receive the images: is it by email, usb or physical prints. This will help you budget what you may have to print after you get the images.

I highly recommend checking out all of Diane’s galleries and pricing as we have used her for the last 2+ years and we could not be any happier!

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