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Top 5 Coffee Shops Oahu Hawaii

On our drive up the North Shore, we stopped in this cute little beach town of Kailua.  Here we had the most amazing pork sandwich (review coming soon!) and then had to make a stop for some good organic coffee.  We found Morning Brew and we absolutely loved their coffee.

Since this was a quick pit stop on our drive, this review probably will not do this place justice but we had to mention it on our Top 5 list.  If we ever make it back to Oahu, I will need to stop here and try their food because it looked amazing!

Stroller Accessibility: 4

Stroller access would be a little tight in this space due to all of the seating but it’s still doable. 

Environment: 5

The staff were really friendly (if you have read our other reviews of the places we have visited in Oahu then you know this is true of everywhere). We stopped just after lunch time and the shop was still fairly packed with people so maybe check their peak times before heading in for a meal.

Amenities: 4

They did have high chairs for kids, however I did not see any change tables in the washrooms.  The washrooms were large enough to have your stroller in there and do a quick change on the actual stroller.

Food and Drinks: 5

I can only speak to the coffee on this one but it was delicious! We grabbed 2 Iced Americanos (one decaf of course) and they were great.  Usually an Iced Americano tastes water downed but not these.  

If you have a chance to try their food, please let us know what you thought because their menu looked amazing.  You can get full breakfast plates, waffles, vegan pancakes, rice bowls and more. 

Price Point: 4.5

The price point was average for the North Shore and ranged anywhere from $2.35 for a regular brewed coffee and up to $6 for a specialty drink.

Overall Rating: 4.5

We are really happy that we stopped in at the Morning Brew then just opting for a drive thru Starbucks.  The staff were so friendly and the vibe of the shop was perfect for the small beach town.  The coffee was ridiculous, the food smelled delicious and it was definitely family friendly.  Hopefully, we’ll make it back one day and get to stay a while!

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