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Registered Dietician

We love supporting other small businesses, especially when they are run by some pretty incredible women who happen to be moms! Meet Suzanne Hajto, Registered Dietician, Entrepreneur and Mom Boss behind Suzanne’s Table.

I met Suzanne last year and her warm disposition won me over instantly. Learning about her company and how she guides other parents towards reliable resources about infant and child nutrition was definitely inspiring.

” I am a mom of a toddler. I starting cooking with my mom from when I can remember. She was someone that made everything from scratch. I learned from a young age that food brings people together and has the ability to heal us. That exposure is what inspired me to become a dietitian.”

Suzanne Hajto, Registered Dietician & Founder of Suzanne’s Kitchen

Suzanne provides science-based info in easy to understand tips and recipes to help you feed your family from infancy and beyond. As a parent, I know first hand how overwhelming it can be with all the conflicting nutrition out there and how/when to feed your littles! This is where Suzanne’s Table comes in.

Why is a Dietician Different?

Dietitian is a protected title in Canada. Dietitians are required to complete an undergraduate degree in nutrition at a university, complete an accredited dietetic internship program, and pass the Canadian Dietetics Registration Exam. Dietitians are registered annually by a provincial governing body that ensures they practice ethically and with current information. 

Dietitians are governed strongly by the College to protect the public from out-of-date or non-scientific information. As a result of this strong governance and the extensive schooling required, dietitians are qualified to work within hospitals and are clinically trained to treat patients with medical nutrition therapy.

Suzanne completed her degree and internship program at the University of Prince Edward Island and is registered with the College of Dietitians of Ontario. 

What Kind of Services/Programs does Suzanne’s Table Offer?

Suzanne offers the community both Private and Group Sessions. These are held either in person or virtually.

The private and group Munch N’ Learn sessions focus on introducing solids. Group sessions are split by age of baby. There is 0-7 month session and 7-12 month session.

Each session is unique to the age range of the child. You will get information on baby led weaning or purees, preventing choking, introducing food allergens, leading your child to become efficient self feeders and more!

Parents receive a digital package which includes all the key messages plus recipes and an official receipt for reimbursement from your extended health benefits plan.

Get In Touch with Suzanne’s Table!

Interested in learning more about Suzanne’s Table and Registering for one of her sessions?! Click on the links below for more information!

Email Suzanne Directly:





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