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We headed to Queen East to visit the next coffee shop up on our Blog TO Top 50 Coffee Shops in the city.  Located just west of Carlaw Ave on the south side of Queen Street East, you will find small but noteworthy Mercury Espresso Bar.

This small coffee shop is just so cute.  The decor is simple and there is plenty of room (when it’s not busy) to park your stroller and enjoy a cup of coffee.  I loved the atmosphere of this cafe.  We decided to go on a Saturday afternoon as a family and had no problem getting a spot at their side bar table, with plenty of space for the stroller.

We shared a chocolate pecan biscotti which was to die for.  I had a flat white which was smooth and deliciously nutty, while Phil opted for a regular latte. 

Planning on visiting? take the TTC or walk if you are in the neighbourhood.  Queen Street East is littered with construction and heavy traffic delays, so finding parking these days is a bit of a nightmare.  If you are driving, try parking on Carlaw just north of Queen St and you should find a better parking situation.

Stroller Accessibility: 5

We had no problem getting a seat with ample space for our stroller on a Saturday afternoon.  You can check their peak times on google before you visit.  I suggest leaving the stroller at home if you are going when they are busy as the space is a little on the smaller side.

Environment: 5

Whether you come with your little one or are planning on heading there solo to get some work done, I found the environment to be quite chill and laid back.  The staff are friendly and the music isn’t too loud so you can definitely bring baby here during nap time and get some quiet time. There is also a really cute patio on the side of the building for sunny days! It wasn’t open when we went due to the delay in Spring in Toronto but you can check out their Instagram page for more on what it looks like!

Amenities: 2

Okay, so this is where I need to be honest.  There are definitely no amenities for babies/toddlers.  The bathroom is very tight with no room for a stroller—so be prepared to change baby on the floor tightly squeezed between the door and the toilet.  There are no high chairs and the seating is limited.

Again, this is why we created this site—so that you can take the guess work out of all these details that you need to know before you go!

Food and Drinks: 5

What they lack in amenities, they make up for and then some in the coffee department! The coffee was delicious, the biscotti was amazing (and this isn’t just because I’m pregnant and everything is delicious these days lol).  Definitely go for the coffee and if you try any other treats, let us know what you think!

Price Point: 4

The price point is on par with most coffee shops in Toronto.  Expect to pay anywhere from $3.25 for a shot of espresso and up to $4.55 for specialty drinks—like a mocha. Note that you will also pay an extra 50 cents for milk substitutes such as Almond, Coconut, Oat and Soy.

Overall Rating: 4

When it comes to coffee, this shop knows what it is doing.  As for amenities for your little ones—not so much.  If you are doing a quick visit where you can leave your kid in the stroller and won’t have to change them—then I think this is an appropriate coffee meet up spot. If you want to stay a little longer and enjoy the large windows and people watching then maybe come solo.  Either way, we know you’ll love the coffee!

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