Meet The Dad Bloggers

Let’s be honest, mom bloggers get a lot of love in this digital space, but what about the dads?! I don’t know about the dads in your lives, but ours are full of wit, humour, awesomeness and the oh-so popular dad jokes.

We have officially opened up our Dad Life section of the site to bring you all things Dad – specifically the Dad POV on domestic tips, parenting wisdom and whatever else is on their minds. So sit back and enjoy the posts, share with a dad you know and don’t forget to check out our Ask The Dads Series page — where you have the opportunity to ask The Dads anything and get a real, honest and candid answer!

Now, Let’s Meet The Dads!

Phil Ginther

About Me:
Father. Husband. Child at heart. Take a read and have a laugh as I sort through what it means to be a father of two.

Dave Ksiazkiewicz

About Me:
Parental Unit #2 to Evelyn.  Husband #1 to Heather. Working every day to be better at both.  Need to keep my current rank for each of them.

Have a Question for The Dads?

Visit our ASK THE DADS SERIES page and ask away! We will post answers weekly, so make sure to follow us on Instagram to see what The Dads have to say!

Know a dad in your life that would be a great fit for our blog? Or are you a dad and want to start writing out your thoughts for our audience? Send us an email at with the Subject: Dad Life and let’s connect!

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