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Okay so we have to hand it to Jennifer Neales, Founder and Teacher at Little Rebels Music and Development! She has created a unique, fun and definitely not average music program for kids aged 2 months old to 3 years old.  We have had the pleasure of attending two of the classes with our 9 month and 10 month old girls this month and we are so excited to share our experience with you!

We have been so busy this month with the girls, that we don’t have the luxury of booking weekly sessions to anything so that’s why we love Little Rebels! They offer 45 minute drop in classes in the East and West End of the city as well as scheduled classes and events.  But you need to book fast because these classes fill up fast!

The classes are filled with classic nursery songs with a twist! The instructor also provides plenty of fun stimulating props for the kids throughout the class.  Scarves, balls and shakers! Also, we have to give a shoutout to the amazing 90’s multicoloured parachute that makes its appearance every class! Secretly, we just attend for the parachute to live out our 90’s childhood memories!  We brought our husbands along for the classes and they were very impressed with the quality of the instructor and how happy the girls were.  

We ended up booking on the east end, at August Kinn located on the Danforth so it is easily accessible by TTC or if you are driving, there is Green P parking right in front of the store.  Since the class we attended was held on Saturday morning, there was no traffic and plenty of parking.  Also, bonus the class is scheduled right before the girls’ nap time so these two ladies went straight to sleep on the ride home! 

Stroller Accessibility: 5

If you are taking the TTC, then you are able to park your stroller outside of the store front for the duration of the class.  We drive to our sessions so we leave the car seat in the car and just bring the girls in since its a short distance from the car to the store.  The space is large at the August Kind drop ins, so if you are bringing a smaller infant then there is definitely room to put your carseat on the side.

Environment: 5

The class is located in the lower level of August Kinn for the east end drop in.  The storefront is beautiful and offers the latest in kids accessories and clothing, so you can shop before and after the class as well! The majority of the class takes place on the play mats, so dress comfortably as you will be sitting on the floor with your child for most of the class. The staff are fabulous! We have had both classes with A.P and she is just the nicest person ever. She has an amazing voice, is so talented and the girls absolutely love her!  Jennifer, the founder, is also such a talented singer as well and if you have any questions they get back to you within minutes!

Founder, Jennifer Neales, and her amazing team of instructors!

Amenities: 5

The facility is clean and geared towards children. They have a change table located just beside the washroom.  Also, the instructors are very clean and sanitize everything after each class so you can at least rest assured that your child isn’t slobbering on dirty props.

Food and Drinks: N/A

We can’t really give this a rating because there is no food or drink onsite at the east end drop in.  However, we adore the coffee shop right next door at Red Rocket Coffee, so if you need a pick me up before the class then grab something there.  

Price Point: 5

The price point is fantastic and definitely not a stretch for children’s activities.  The drop in classes are $20 per child and you can purchase the tickets via the Little Rebels website.  They also offer packaged scheduled classes and birthday/event rates which we have all the links below for you to check out.

Overall Rating: 5

We are definitely happy to give Little Rebels Music and Development a strong 5 on the stroller rating.  They hit every mark when it comes to children entertainment and development.  The girls are engaged at all times, the instructors know what they are doing and the adults have just as much, if not more fun, than the kids! Thank you Little Rebels for such an amazing experience every single time!

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