Knots Coffee Roasters

Top 5 Coffee Shops in Oahu Hawaii

Knots Coffee Roasters (and wine bar!) is located inside of the Queen Kapiolani Hotel.  They not only offer a variety of coffee and teas, but they also have grab and go picnic items, wine and beer for your evening indulgences and a great food menu!

This coffee shop is not on the main strip on Waikiki Beach and located beside the Honolulu Zoo.  If you are coming from the main strip and walking across, then expect to take about 30-45 minutes.  

We loved having this shop right in the lobby of our hotel because the coffee was delicious, it was open super early (#toddlerlife) and it also had a bit of everything in one spot!

Stroller Accessibility: 5

Stroller or wear your baby—you’ll be fine in this shop.  The space is large with plenty of different options for sitting, from tables to couches.  We brought our Uppababy Cruz stroller and had no issues just parking Felipa up to a table beside us.

Environment: 4

They have an indoor and open air terrace for seating so you can enjoy your coffee in the luxury of air conditioning or out by the palm trees.  The staff are very friendly and helpful.  Being located in the hotel lobby makes this location busy in the mornings but we waited no longer than 10 minutes for our coffees on average.

Amenities: 4

Since this coffee shop is located inside of the hotel, the amenities are those of the hotel.  The washroom with change tables is actually located on the second floor.  If you need a high chair, you can ask the staff to get you one, but using your stroller is just fine in this space.

Food and Drinks: 5

The coffee was smooth and well priced.  The food was delicious.  It was great to have the grab and go option for a day at the beach or when we took our road trip.  They have everything from small healthy snacks to full meals, wraps, sandwiches and more.

If you do get a chance to visit then make sure you order the Soft Serve Tokyo style: a cup of vanilla soft serve sitting on top of a house made coffee jelly and drizzled in rich espresso sauce—you can thank me later!

Price Point: 4

The food items were a bit pricey, but this is Hawaii afterall.  Everything is expensive in Hawaii.  So, compared to other places that we ate or grabbed coffee, the prices were comparable.  You are looking at spending $3+ on coffee and anywhere from $10 for an acai bowl to $15 for fish tacos.

Overall Rating: 4

We loved the convenience of having this coffee shop in our hotel lobby.  The food is actually attached to their kitchen from the rooftop restaurant “Deck.” and we were never disappointed in the food.  The price of the food was a bit on the high side and it was a little annoying having to go to the second floor to change Felipa.  But other than those few minor issues, we absolutely loved the ambiance and actual coffee!

Knots Coffee Roasters:

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