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Alright, I give up! Winter is here, I get it already! We have pulled out the big coats, scarfs, and toques all in an effort to stay cozy while we brace the harsh elements. I may be a bit dramatic when it comes to the cold but if you have ever had to wrangle a squirming kid into a snow suit just to go for a 10 minute walk you know what I mean. During this time of year it can be difficult to keep those active kids busy without getting bored indoors. That’s why I think this next review is so perfect!

Kidnasium is what it’s name implies, a gymnastics facility for kids. Located in the heart of Toronto near Yonge and Eglinton, this facility offers a wide range of classes for kids. The drop in program is great for active kids and families that need to burn off steam when you can’t get outside.

Kidnasium offers a drop in program for their gymnastics facility as well as an activity room where the kids can play with toys and interact more together. In the gymnastics room parents must stay with the children at all times, as there are no staff or coaches supervising. This is a great opportunity to play with your children and crawl around with them on the floor. I would highly recommend that you wear comfy clothing as you will be on the equipment with your kids at some point. It can be a lot of fun building an obstacle course for the kids, walking on the beam and helping them swing on the bars. If you have an active little person like we do then you are going to love watching you child explore all the new things at Kidnasium.

The activity room is a great option for kids that may need more time socializing with other kids. You can spend time playing with dolls or trucks and everything else in between. They even have a quiet reading room where you can sit and explore the books. See below for more of the finer details.

“Kidnasium’s goal is to create a safe, fun and educational environment that allows children of all ages to be Enriched, Engaged and Entertained. We wholeheartedly believe and understand that every family and child is unique and strive to create spaces and programming that allow Kidnasium to be A Special Place For Every Family.”

Stroller Accessibility: 5

Kidnasium is very easy to access with your stroller. There is an entrance right off of Mount Pleasant that leads directly to an elevator. Once you get off the elevator the entrance to Kidnasium is directly in front of you and they have a large room in which you can leave your stroller, shoes and hang your coats up. If you are attending just for the activity room down the hall you might want to try and fold up the stroller and leave it in the hallway or leave it in the car if that is an option. As the drop in gets busier your stroller may get blocked in by other strollers, making it a little difficult to leave sometimes.

This is the BEST thing EVER!

Environment: 5

The Kidnasium space is perfect for children to be free to explore, learn, and play in safe space. The basics of the equipment are not overwhelming for small children and there aren’t any issues with safety that you might find in larger gymnastics environments. They also don’t run any classes while drop in happens, so there is no risk of interrupting a class. The space is well lit, and everything is well organized.

“Our Drop In Play allows children a chance to freely explore and enjoy our space. Our gym is filled with mini gymnastics equipment, ninja equipment and a small playspace for infants. Our activity room is filled with items for imaginative play and activities! We also have themed days that include: BBB – balls, balloons, bubbles; bikes & scooters and more! There’s no shortage of fun during a visit to our Drop In Play.”

Amenities: 5

Not only is Kidnasium easy to access with your stroller if you need but they have ample washroom space to take care of the kids. The washroom is located just inside the larger waiting area at the front of the gymnastics room, so if you are in the activity room you do need to walk down the hall.

Food and Drinks: N/A

Quick note that food and drinks are not allowed inside the gymnastics or activity rooms.

Price Point: 5

The price for a single drop in is only $11.50 plus tax or you have the option to purchase Play passes that help you save money. These are obviously great options if you know you will be using the drop in on a regular basis.

5 Play Pass – $46 plus tax or 10 Play Pass -$86.25

*Tip for parents of non-walkers, visits are FREE until your baby starts walking. This is not advertised on their website but is really great for helping with their coordination and learning to climb in a safe space, as this can be sometimes difficult living in the city.

Overall Rating: 5

Kidnasium has become one of our favorite Saturday morning routines. With early morning start times it lets you get out and play before that first nap. They have an ample schedule that lets you pick and choose times that work for you and it’s a nice change from being indoors at home when the weather gets to bad to venture outside to the playground. Overall we highly recommend checking out Kidnasmuim and making them a part of your weekly routine!

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