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Top 5 Coffee Shops in Oahu Hawaii

Kai Coffee is a locally owned and operated family business.  They strive to bring Aloha into every cup—and let me tell you, they absolutely do!

We stopped in at this coffee shop at least 4 times the week were in Waikiki.  The open air cafe has a beautiful patio located right across the street from Waikiki beach — the perfect spot for people watching and enjoying the beautiful views of the palm trees and blue waters.

They have three locations and we are reviewing the one located on Kalakaua Avenue in the Alohakilani Resort.  If you are staying by the beach, then this is easily accessible by walking or you can also take the tram if you are a bit farther out. 

Stroller Accessibility: 5

Stroller or baby wear, this location has plenty of space for you and your family.  

Environment: 5

The details in this space were really great! I loved the decal on the floor—made for a great pic and the space is well laid out.  The staff were so kind and helpful when I couldn’t decide on what I wanted.  Very friendly and warm space with a beautiful view of the beach!

Amenities: 5

The washrooms are actually located inside of the hotel that the coffee shop is attached to.  So there are baby change tables and wheelchair accessible stalls if you have your stroller.  I didn’t notice any high chairs at this location, however the spacing is so great that you can just pull your stroller up to the table with no issue.

Food and Drinks: 5

You have the option of many different brew types: Pour Over, Aeropress, French Press and a 12 hour Cold Brew! Don’t worry they also offer traditional and non-traditional espresso based drinks.  My absolute favourite was the iced macadamia nut latte, made half sweet with extra ice and non fat milk—not gonna lie, I had at least 4 of these the week we were Waikiki! 

They have a variety of sandwiches and pastries.  We had a croissant—well Felipa had the croissant, and it was delicious!

Price Point: 5

Coffee prices I found were pretty standard in Oahu.  You are looking at anywhere from $3+ for reg drip to espresso and around the $5-6+ range for specialty drinks.  You can also purchase their beans and other merchandise in store which is great if you are a fan of their roast!

Overall Rating: 5

This was by far one of our favourite spots to hang out and keep cool from the Hawaiian sun.  The staff made it just so enjoyable, you can definitely tell this is a family owned/run business by the dedication of their staff.  The coffee was delicious, the pastries were yummy and the view was killer! Definitely would recommend to anyone visiting Waikiki to pop in and grab a cup.

Kai Coffee: https://kaicoffeehawaii.com/

Kai Coffee Locations: https://kaicoffeehawaii.com/pages/locations

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