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Let’s be real, if you’re a mom then you probably have a mom uniform.  Here is what mine consists of about 90% of the week, and I’m sure most of you can agree:

  • Yoga Pants
  • Tshirt
  • Flats or Runners
  • Sweater or Jean Jacket

Lately, I’ve been feeling like I need a change—a little update to my mom uniform if you will.  So I’ve been making the conscious effort to get out of my sweats and into some cute clothing every single day.  Cause the saying goes “look good, feel good” and so far it’s been working!

When I came across Junior Foxes on Instagram I was immediately intrigued—what were these cute printed slings and where do I buy one? I love how the product is 100% linen, has unique graphics that you don’t find in big box stores or big brands and they are Canadian made—uh hello, sold!

If you follow the Creator & CEO, Milli Fox on the gram, then you know she is a real mom from Toronto that loves dance parties and telling it how it is and we are 100% ok with this.  

Now let’s get back to these slings.  We actually have tried multiple styles of carriers with Felipa and prefer the ring slings for travelling and day to day wrangling of our unruly toddler.  When buying a ring sling it is important that you are purchasing a good quality and well constructed product and here is where Junior Foxes has impressed us.

Features & Functionality: 5

Here are some of the features that Junior Foxes promotes on their website:

  • Holds babies 8-35lbs
  • Quick & Easy to Use
  • Handmade in Canada
  • 100% Linen
  • Digitally Printed 

We are happy to report that all of these features are accurate.  Felipa is 25 lbs and this carrier is comfy af.  I am 6 months pregnant and its so easy to carry her around on my hip.  Once you get the hang of how a Ring Sling works, it is so simple to get your baby in and out of.  Junior Foxes also has videos to show you how, a neat little instruction leaflet that comes with the product and the Creator also posts a ton of tips and troubleshooting on social media.

Quality & Material: 5

We love that she employs home sewing moms to create her slings and that everything is Canadian made! The Linen is such a great material for us since we travel all the time.  Make sure to check back on our travel section, as I will be rocking my sling in Hawaii next week.  The prints are also soooo cute.  They offer many different unique prints as well as solids in colours that are actually relevant and fashion forward and not just black or grey or pink or blue (no thanks big box brands).  

Price Point: 5

You can purchase Junior Foxes sling on their website (see below for more) and also at most of the Baby/Toddler/Mom shows (where I got mine).  The price point is more expensive that what you will find at let’s say Buy Buy Baby. But you are paying to the quality and supporting a local business which is why we purchased one to begin with.

The prices range from $99-$129, which seems on the pricey side but you are paying for quality and I’m not skimping for my kid and my comfort level.  I was lucky to grab one of the last leopard print slings that came with a matching bib and a copy of the Rebel Mamas Handbook for Cool Moms and I am so happy with my purchase!

Overall Rating: 5

If you’re looking for a Ring Sling that is well constructed, made of high end linen, make you look fashionable-af and doesn’t break the bank—then Junior Foxes is where you want to look.  We love ours and can’t wait to pick up a few different prints, because well any excuse to shop and look good, right? You can find all the info on Junior Foxes in the link below.  

For more info and to get 10% OFF your Junior Foxes Ring Sling Purchase, use WELCOME10 at checkout by clicking here!

Let us know what you think and what other products you’d like us to review.  In the meantime, don’t forget to check out our ReviewsRecipes & Travel sections for more!

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