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Just around the corner from our condo is Jet Fuel Coffee and also on the list for Blog TO’s Top 50 Coffee Shops.  We decided to hit this spot up on a cold Saturday morning and it was packed.  We luckily were able to grab the last table by the bar, but it was a tight fit with a stroller.

The coffee was great, but the space was probably not the best situation for a family with a stroller.  We weren’t able to check out all of the amenities of this space due to just how busy it was so we’re going to attempt to give it a fair review.

We may need to go back when it isn’t as busy to enjoy the cool atmosphere.  Some things you should know about this coffee shop: It’s one of Toronto’s oldest independent coffee shops, there is no drip coffee here and they don’t have a menu! —you’ll need to ask for a drink and they’ll make it for you.

Located in Cabbagetown, just north of Carlton on Parliament Street— you are best walking if in the neighbourhood or taking the ttc.  Parking can be scarce on Parliament, but there is Green P parking on both sides of the street if you are driving. 

Stroller Accessibility: 2

Stroller accessibility is non existent.  The space is very narrow and the second level is up a few stairs, so if you are solo then it may be difficult to get up there with a stroller.  I suggest baby wearing or going on your own or with a friend to enjoy the coffee.

Environment: 3

This coffee shop is loud and vibrant and cool.  When it’s busy it is super crowded and not the best place for strollers and babies.  If you are solo, working on a laptop or just reading then I can see the appeal of this shop.  But for the purposes of this website, I would say to skip this place if you are with your infant.

Amenities: N/A

To be honest, we couldn’t even get a sneak peek at the washroom to see what it was like (it was in the basement). We also didn’t notice any high chairs or family friendly options.  To be completely fair to the establishment, we are going to give this an N/A since we weren’t able to fully assess due to how busy it was.

Food and Drinks: 5

The coffee however is fantastic.  We ordered an Americano to go since the place was just too crowded to stay and sit a while. They also had a great selection of teas to choose if coffee isn’t your thing. We will definitely need to go back for a coffee date-sans kid so we can get the full experience.

Price Point: 4

This place is cash only so be prepared with cash. The price point is on point with most independent shops in Toronto.  You are looking at anywhere from $3 and up for your tea or espresso based beverage.

Overall Rating: 3

If I was rating this shop based on a solo experience, I would have definitely given it a higher rating overall.  Unfortunately, with a stroller and the loud atmosphere I can’t give it the rating I want to.  The coffee was fantastic and you should definitely go to try their unique roast— just don’t plan on staying for a long time if you have your stroller with you.

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