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Top 5 Coffee Shops in Oahu

It is seriously HOT in Hawaii. So to get out of the sun with our very sweaty toddler, we found this great coffee spot located in the heart of Waikiki. 

There are many locations in Oahu and they have some locations in Japan as well.  The one we are reviewing is located on the second floor of the Royal Hawaiian Centre, above the Royal Grove.

Everything in Waikiki Beach is within walking distance.  Our hotel was the farthest point of the whole strip and we could make this walk in about 25 minutes. A very slow, hot walk, but no need to take transit or a cab.  If you can’t take the heat and want a faster route, then we suggest taking one of the old trams across.

Stroller Accessibility: 5

The space was large enough to accommodate a stroller and there are elevators located inside the shopping mall to get you to the second floor.  If you are baby wearing, then there is an escalator straight up to the cafe from street level.

There is a lot of merchandise at this location so the space was just enough to manoeuvre with a stroller.  We travel with our Uppababy Cruz and didn’t have an issue—but if you happen to have a larger stroller then you might have some difficulties getting around the space.

Environment: 4

The staff were very friendly but the space was a bit crowded since we went around lunch time.  They do serve a full menu on top of their coffee menu so be weary of the times you go to this location.  This is definitely a family friendly atmosphere with plenty of seating when not going at peak times.

Amenities: 4

The amenities for kids was limited to what the mall offered with respect to the washrooms as they didn’t have their own independent washroom.  They did have high chairs for kids and could accommodate your stroller being parked at a table as a chair instead.

Food and Drinks: 5

Kona coffee is so good! If you have never experienced it then I’m sorry.  No really, so sorry – it’s life changing.  The food looked delicious and everything was reasonably priced for Hawaii.  Everything is expensive in Hawaii so you start to justify to yourself after a few days that a cup of coffee for $5 American is a steal!

They have a Kids Under 10 Menu that includes PB and J sandwiches, breakfast plates and grilled cheese.  The full menu ranges from Poke Bowls to Salads to Breakfast and Lunch Sandwiches.  Prices range anywhere from $12 and up.

Price Point: 4

Considering we are in Hawaii, the price point is not that bad for a coffee shop.  We have definitely spent more in other cafes on the trip.  

Overall Rating: 4.5

We were pleasantly surprised with this chain of coffee shops.  Typically I like to only visit independent stores but this one felt like a small family run coffee shop.  The staff were great and knowledgeable, the coffee was delicious and the amenities were great if you are traveling with your kids.

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