I’m Not Ready For a Second Child

True story. It’s what the majority of people tell me. 80% of all “congratulations!” are immediately followed by unsolicited advice veiled as reality checks.

Two under two!?

Ha! Good luck!

Well… see you never.

Wait – I thought we were just celebrating? Would you let your grandma blow out her birthday candles only to remind her that she’s a year closer to death?

Where does this loss of enthusiasm come from? Is it intentional? Or is it just easier to make light of the challenges ahead?

Am I ready for two kids under two? Absolutely not. It’s disingenuous to say that I am. I have no idea what that looks like. But it doesn’t mean I’ve thrown in the towel.

It’s a challenge. I get it. But can we stop with the pessimism or backhanded jokes and focus on the good that’s about to come? Like the fact that I can’t wait for my daughter to have a best friend. That I am thrilled about expanding our definition of family. That (insert mushy sentence I’d only let slip out after a cocktail or two).

By the way – of course I’m totally terrified. And I love that. It lets me know how important this is to me. So, bring on the shit, just don’t talk to me about it.

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Phil Ginther

About Me: Father. Husband. Child at heart. Take a read and have a laugh as I sort through what it means to be a father of two.

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