How to Guide Your Daughter Through Puberty

When Jessica and Chloe were younger, they struggled to find bras that were age appropriate. Flash forward 10 years and Jessica’s 12-year old sister, Cindy, is dealing with the same problem. The mature lingerie stores and intimidating sales associates made Cindy feel uncomfortable. To make matters worse, the only bras that were suitable for her age group were the smallest sized sports bras. Cindy tried on nine bras before finding two that fit properly. Cindy and her sister bought them, but only eight months later, she had grown out of them and had to go through this grueling process all over again.

This negative but common experience sparked the idea for Apricotton, a Toronto-based online tween bra company with the purpose of helping girls across Canada find bras that fit and make them feel confident. They are an e-commerce company that eliminates the awkwardness of going to the store to buy a girl’s first bra. Most importantly, they make bras tailored to every girl’s body type, so that it can grow as she grows.

When Apricotton reached out to us wanting to share their mission with the parents that follow our site, we couldn’t say no! So stay tuned for more from these amazing women as they tackle the tween/teen realm of the market!

They have also provided an article written by one of their own, Elizabeth Casciaro — Let us know what you think and if you have any other advice for other parents out there, drop it in the comments!

How to Guide Your Daughter Through Puberty

Written by: Elizabeth Casciaro

Puberty can feel like an awkward and difficult time for both you and your daughter. Although a great part of being a parent is supporting her as she goes through her journey, sometimes it can be challenging. Thankfully, you’re not alone and we’re here to help! Here are four things that you can do to help your daughter through a period that can be a stressful time for her:

Talk about what changes will happen to her body – in advance!

Personally, this is something that really helped me a lot as a preteen. My mom was always very open in regards to talking about topics such as periods and breast growth, so I knew exactly what to expect, pretty much years in advance. Being open about these topics will help prepare your daughter and remove any element of surprise, and can also bring a sense of celebration towards events, such as periods, instead of the usual negative spin that most of us give them. 

Encourage her to feel confident in her body!

With weight gain, acne, and growth spurts, the preteen years might be a difficult time for a young girl to feel positively about her appearance. Words of encouragement from parents can go a long way in helping your daughter feel beautiful! For example, everyday affirmations such as “you look great in everything” can help her learn that everything she’s experiencing is completely normal and her changing body is beautiful the way it is. As for issues like acne, working with her to find a suitable skincare routine and reminding her that pimples don’t make anyone any less beautiful can also help boost her confidence.

Make sure that she is receiving accurate sex ed!

These days, kids are getting most of their sex ed through friends or the Internet. These sources can often be incorrect, but also potentially harmful, as they may lead to false expectations or give them a sense of fear about the future. It’s also important to keep up to date with what your child is being taught in their actual curriculum at school as it’s constantly changing. Talking about these topics with your daughter may feel awkward, but it’s absolutely essential to her health. Also, make sure this is a continuous conversation, not a one-time thing, ensuring that she knows she can come to talk to you about anything at any time. 

Most importantly, be her friend!

For these tips to be their most effective, it’s important that you and your daughter have a healthy and strong bond. To help build this, you can spend quality time with her doing something you both enjoy, hear her side out and stay calm during any disagreements, and allow her to have more control over her life (such as what clothes she wants to wear and compromising on a reasonable curfew). Although it’s still important for your child to respect your authority, it’s also imperative that they have a degree of independence while also seeing you as someone they can trust and talk to about anything. This way, both you and your daughter will feel less alone and have much of your stress alleviated in what can be a difficult time.

If you have any more questions, feel free to get in touch with Apricotton or Follow Us On Instagram!

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