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Toronto Coffee Review
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Up next on our trek through Blog TO’s 50 Top Coffee Shops in Toronto is Hot Black Coffee.  We have been a big fan of this shop since we stumbled across it last summer wandering Queen Street.  So, we were ecstatic to have an excuse to just go sit, enjoy some coffee, take some pics and write up this review for all of you!

Whether you are planning to go solo, with a friend or with babe in tow—this coffee shop will not disappoint!  I think one of our favourite things about this place is that there is no WIFI. 

Yup, you read that correctly, NO WIFI.  So don’t plan on sitting here with your laptop and using it as your office because you wont get any connection. And that is exactly why we love it.  I mean, besides the delicious coffee— you just get this great ambiance and old school coffee shop feel with a modern appearance.

Conveniently located right on Queen Street, just west of University—this coffee shop is easily accessibly by TTC, walking or driving.  There is Green P parking all along Queen Street or if you happen to be at the Eaton Centre, then skip the Second Cup or Starbucks and walk 3 blocks over and grab a spot at Hot Black Coffee!

Stroller Accessibility: 5

You can go both ways in this shop—stroller or baby wearing.  There are only stools inside with no backs, so if you are baby wearing it might be a bit uncomfortable over a long period of time.  

Strollers are welcome and while there isn’t a ton of space, there is more than enough for you to have your stroller by your chair.  They also have a back patio entrance off the alley in the back that you can bring your stroller through as well.

Environment: 5

We absolutely love the ambiance of this spot.  The music is at the perfect level, lighting is great for pics (if you’re into that) and the staff is next level friendly.  Seriously, everyone is just happy, helpful and we’ve never had a bad experience.  

If you need recommendations on which coffee to purchase or simply assistance with the door for your stroller or to fit through the narrow path to the patio—the staff is always offering assistance.

Amenities: 4

While the environment and accessibility is great, the amenities are a little lacking for moms.  Obviously, this coffee shop is not marketed as a hang out for kids but we noticed that they do not have high chairs or change tables. The washroom is large enough to fit a stroller in so you can just macgyver a change station out of your stroller if needed!  

Food and Drinks: 5

There are plenty of treats and beverage options here.  The treats range from yogurts to Brazilian brigadeiros (which are delicious by the way).  You can also get a variety of sweets, snacks and fruit.  

Now let’s talk coffee.  The coffee is so good, like ridiculously delicious.  Smooth and slightly acidic but in the best way possible.  I had a latte this time and it did not disappoint!  My favourite go-to in the summer is an iced americano, and my husband’s fav is always a hot black americano.  

You can also order chai lattes, hot chocolate or apple cider if you aren’t a fan of coffee.  Interested in purchasing some beans? Then you are in luck because they sell Detour Coffee Roasters coffee for you to be able to enjoy at home.

As you know we love us some great environmentally friendly spots—so bring in a reusable cup and they will honour a 25 cent discount!

Price Point: 5

Price is on par with most good coffee shops in the city.  You can expect to spend anywhere from $2.60 for an 8oz drip, up to $5 for a Mocha, with the most expensive drink we saw was at $6.24 for a Mint Chocolate Latte.

Overall Rating: 4.5

We love this Queen West coffee shop for the amazing vibes, delicious coffee and yummy treats.  The back patio in the summer is a hidden gem in Toronto for a mommy-meet up, or for some solo time with a good book.  However you choose to visit, we know that you will love it here!

Hot Black Coffee Location & Store Hours:

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