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We had a date night on a Wednesday! WHAT?!

Yup, a real date during the week — but how Amanda, how did you manage to get some alone time with your husband, away from your toddler??? Hive Home Services, that’s how!

We were able to go out for dinner and an after dinner coffee in the middle of the week thanks to Katie, our lovely babysitter for the night! I mean, we didn’t go very far (across the street lol) but just getting out of the house and having a meal without a kid was sooooo nice.

With a second baby on the way (anyday now), it was a great treat to just get out, away from our kid, just the two of us and connect. I mean, we spent the whole time talking about Felipa and her new little sister lol but just that adult alone time was really necessary mid week.

Whatever you are looking for- emergency babysitting, a date night, errands to be run, need to get some work done away from your kid? Then check out Hive Home Services!

Hive Home Services – Who are they?

Hive is an on-demand babysitting service that is providing top quality child care to families in Toronto! Hive babysitters are pre-screened, CPR certified, and highly experienced. 

With the majority of babysitters coming from teacher’s colleges and education programs, Hive is fostering an ecosystem of enriched child care and introducing families to care providers who have a passion for making a positive and lasting impact on the lives of children. They believe that anyone who cares for a child has not only the opportunity but responsibility to make a positive impact on their growth and development. This is why Hive sitters prioritize turning off the screens and keeping kids engaged in fun and mentally stimulating activities! 

Hive’s mission is to make the entire process of booking reliable child care seamless, starting from matching families with top quality babysitters whenever they need them through to offering online payment processing so families don’t need to worry about taking out cash to pay the sitter! 

How it Works:

Families can choose from 2 plans: the Hive Membership which is $99/year and $22/hour or the Pay-As-You-Go plan which is $25/hour. The first shift is considered a trial shift at the $22/hour rate after which you can choose which plan you would like to go with moving forward. After your first shift you will be sent an invoice via email and payments are processed online using Stripe. 

To sign up families can email and Hive will help guide you through the sign up process and answer any questions you have! 

My Experience

Setting up a babysitter was so easy. I emailed Sarah (who is lovely fyi) and she sent me a very quick questionnaire about our family and about Felipa. After that was completed, we let her know the date/time that we were looking for a sitter and she sent us the bio of our qualified babysitter, Katie.

We were put into contact with Katie right away via email and were offered a phone call prior to her coming to watch our daughter. Katie was so sweet when she came over. We instantly felt comfortable leaving Felipa with her in our home and Felipa was very happy to meet her new “friend”. She instantly ran to Katie and gave her a hug.

We left our emergency contact info for Katie, just in case, showed her around our place and left for our evening out. SO EASY!

When we returned, Felipa was in bed asleep and Katie was reading on our couch. It was so nice to just come home to silence and not have to deal with the bedtime routine too!

A Deal For You!

We teamed up with Hive Home Services to give you 50% off the Hive Membership if you decide to sign up after your trial shift (at $22/hr). Just include “STROLLINFORLATTES” in the subject line of your email to and enjoy your discount!

Overall, we loved the service from booking all the way to the actual babysitting. We got time to ourselves, our daughter was happy and it was fast and easy to set up. All wins in my eyes as a busy mom with tons on her plate!

Make sure to check out Hive Home Services HERE for more information!

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