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Since summer is obviously not coming anytime soon, and we have had so many rainy and cold days—I have been doing nothing but searching for entertaining spaces to keep my toddler happy.  I heard about Happy Town Play Centre from a fellow mama and she had such great things to say that I had to check it out for myself. 

This play-based learning centre is one that your kids are not going to forget!  Your kids can explore, experiment and discover so many different settings in this “real life” setup.  This little imaginative town is so cute for kids aged 0-6 years.  Felipa is 16 months old now and she loved playing in every single section. 

The actual location is located pretty east of the city so you will definitely need a car to get there.  Located at Danforth Rd and Birchmount Rd, it is a little off the beaten path from our usual go-to spots right in the city.  However, there is plenty of parking and if you avoid peak rush hour times then you can get there within 20 minutes from right downtown (I live behind the Eaton Centre). 

Stroller Accessibility: 5

Parking is literally right in front of the entrance so I didn’t bother with my stroller.  But they do have a large main entrance with plenty of space to park your stroller if you choose to bring it in. 

Environment: 5

This play centre is just a ton of fun for the kids.  The imagination just runs wild with what they can create in each of the little sections of the town.  There are 2 large picnic tables and fake grass/turf with 4 large couches right in the middle of all of the play areas.  So you can easily sit and relax while your kids run rampant. 

The staff were friendly when we arrived and are constantly cleaning up after the mess that the kids are making throughout your time there.  So everything is somehow organized and neat even with 6-10 kids running around moving everything from room to room.

Amenities: 5

The space has two large washrooms with change tables in each.  There is the picnic table area for your kids/self to eat a snack while you visit.  There are large cubbies and more than enough space for your belongings if you don’t feel like keeping them on you. 

Food and Drinks: N/A

There are no food or drinks sold at this play centre, so make sure to pack some snacks for your littles and yourself.  Feel free to bring a coffee with you.  Just no eating or drinking away from the designated areas.

Price Point: 5

The price point was on par with all the other play centres we have visited in the city. A single play (no time limit) is $10.99 per child, and $7.99 per sibling.  They also offer birthday party packages that start at $299 and up! Check out links below for more information.

Overall Rating: 4.5

We had a blast when we visited Happy Town Play Centre and will definitely be returning on the next rainy day! Felipa had so much fun, we were there for a total of 3 hours and she could have stayed 3 more if I let her.

The only downfall of this place and the reason we couldn’t give it a 5 star rating was the location.  If you are on the east end of town, then this is not a far trek.  But if you are on the west end then it will definitely be a longer commute—but hey it’ll definitely be worth it once you arrive!

Thanks again Happy Town for the great hospitality and imaginative play for our kids.

Happy Town Play Centre FAQ’s: http://www.happytownplaycentre.com/pages/faq-page/

Happy Town Play Centre Contact Info: http://www.happytownplaycentre.com/contact-page/

Happy Town Play Centre Party Packages: http://www.happytownplaycentre.com/happy-town-party-packages/

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