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These days it can be tough to find a moment to sit and relax. One of the pleasures I miss now that I have a baby is the ability to sit and reflect after a great yoga or fitness class. Life gets hectic and if I don’t have everything planned out I find I’m pressed for time and I opt for a quick coffee at everyone’s go to coffee place (looking at you SB).

That’s why I LOVE this next review, the Greenwood Café. It goes very well with our favourite yoga studio Yoga Mamas and it is a great place to check out before or after class. The food is actually so good here that I would recommend it as a great Toronto brunch spot on the weekends, even if you aren’t planning on a class that day.

The Green wood Café is located directly below Yoga Mamas studio space on Queen St E. Easily accessible by TTC and street parking. It’s a perfect spot to enjoy a coffee or tea and something to eat post workout. The space is cozy and well lit, having a great ambience to sit and relax. They are accommodating of the littles you have in tow but be prepared for a tight fit most days.

 Stroller Accessibility: 3

Okay, the accessibility isn’t the greatest. The entrance has a few steps down as it’s in a location that is sunken down from street level. It’s also a bit on the narrow side, so keeping you stroller at your table is not going to happen unless you have the place to yourself. Our suggestion is to either carry the bucket seat in with you if you have a younger baby. Again, this is best when it’s not busy as it can take up space at the table next to you, or use a baby carrier. If you are coming from yoga you are most likely doing one of the above, so it’s no sweat!

Environment: 5

The Green Wood has a ton of natural light with all the windows that run along the side. It doesn’t get too loud, even when it’s busy which makes it great when you have a napping baby at your side.  On warmer days they do have a side patio that is really nice but can be it tough to get a table around peak times. All in all, you will feel very relaxed here.

Amenities: 3.5

Although we LOVE this place it is lacking a bit when it comes to dealing with baby. They don’t have many high chairs and there is NO place to change your baby. The washroom is quite small and the only room you will find is on the floor. If you are coming from Yoga Mamas we would suggest changing your babe before leaving the studio. Otherwise make sure that you have a change pad and a toy to keep your little one occupied while on the floor.

Food and Drinks: 4

The Green Wood sort of has a local diner feel going on but it is anything but greasy. They make their food using ingredients from local Ontario producers. What this does is ensure that the food on your plate is not only fresh but the best quality possible all while supporting local communities. They have a good assortment of options so even the pickiest of eaters will find something yummy to eat. We love the Green Wood Classic, Coziest French Toast and the Salmon Rosti. Green Wood also has kids meal sizes available on certain items so that you don’t need to order a full plate and waste food for the kids. If you are feeling the need for something a little stronger than coffee they have offerings for adults only, like The Greens and Purple Rain cocktails.

Price Point: 5

The pricing here is amazing, considering the quality of food you are receiving. With the Green Wood Classic Breakfast coming in at $14 and a mimosa for $12 you have nothing to complain about. The servings are generous without being over the top. If you are looking for something a little more low key you can easily opt for a coffee and eat for $20. With that being said, don’t expect to use cash when paying your bill, The Green Wood is a cashless establishment–so be sure to bring your debit or credit card!

Overall Rating: 4

The Green Wood Café is the perfect place to grab a bite to eat or a quick coffee after a Yoga Mamas class or while running errands in the East End. During the day Monday-Friday it’s pretty easy to get a table but be prepared for a bit of a wait on the weekends. You can make reservations, so if you are planning on a larger gathering or just want to guarantee yourself a table take advantage of that option.

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