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Okay so we’re finally doing another Fitness Review. If you happen to follow us on Instagram, then you probably saw all of our stories and videos of the kick-ass personal training and bootcamp session we did last week! I am not gonna lie when I say that we are still a little sore from those workouts! But they were great for getting us ahead of our New Year’s goals!

Fitness Connection is committed to bringing you the best fitness experience through their amazing staff, state of the art facilities and innovative programs.  They have two equally beautiful locations that offer a variety of equipment and programs for their members.

Located at Don Mills & Eglinton is their 2-story facility that provides state of the art equipment.  The newest feature at this location is the indoor turf area and performance boot camp programs.  The second location is outside of the downtown core, but still equally impressive at Yonge and Elgin Mills. 

Both locations are easily accessible by car and have plenty of parking onsite. The Don Mills location is accessible via TTC as well, so if you don’t have a vehicle, then this location would be perfect for you!

Now, this review isn’t our typical mama review where we can recommend that you go with your kids.  Unfortunately there is no childcare at these facilities.  So, we recommend that you drop the kids off at daycare or at a relatives and enjoy some you time.  You need it, you deserve it and this is the place to do it.

Stroller Accessibility: N/A

We can’t rate the stroller accessibility as this is an adult only facility.  We were lucky to be able to bring our girls with us as we had someone to watch them while we worked out.  But they definitely slid into a few of the pics, oops!

Environment: 5

These facilities are impeccable.  They are always clean, newly renovated and always have a great energy. The staff are incredibly friendly and helpful and the space is huge! You will never feel like you are working out on top of other people as there is so much space for all the equipment—even during peak times!

Amenities: 5

Typically, we use this section to speak about change tables and amenities geared towards kids.  But we are going to use this space to list for you the incredible amenities that Fitness Connection offers:

  • FAST Bootcamp
  • Group Fitness Classes
  • Barre Classes
  • Yoga Classes
  • Boxing Studio
  • Personal Trainers
  • Proshop & Juice Bar
  • Locker Facilities
  • Towel Service
  • Saunas
  • And much more!

Food and Drinks: 5

Each location has a Proshop and Juice Bar where you can purchase protein bars, shakes and other beverages before and/or after your workout. They have a variety of different flavours, milk options and protein.  We recommend the grabbing a protein shake after your workout to help refuel those muscles that you just worked out.

Price Point: 5

The price point of this gym is fantastic for everything that they offer. They have multiple package options that range from monthly to yearly passes, including bootcamp and FAST training packages.  We recommend adding on some bootcamp and personal training to help amp up your training and get you to your personal goals faster!

Overall Rating: 5

There’s a reason why we are giving Fitness Connection a 5 and it’s because we have never had a bad experience in the years that we have been working out here. Yes, years! 

Now that we’re mamas and need a different type of routine for our new bodies, Fitness Connection has helped us to cater the workouts to our every need!  We want to give a special shoutout to Mike Mak, General Manager, for kicking our butts.  We also want to apologize for the amount of swearing and sweating that occurred during those sessions. Can’t wait to go back and keep working on our fitness.

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