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The owners of Elvy and Flo have made a beautiful local spot for east-enders in Toronto.  This coffee shop has now become a fast favourite of mine!

They are committed to sustainability and community and have done it in a beautiful open, airy and light filled space located on Gerrard Street, just east of Broadview.

I love how most of their menu is plant based and they use local and fresh ingredients for their food items. 

Just in the first ten minutes of sitting there, I was greeted by the owner learned about the story behind the business and watched as they knew almost everybody’s name and order … oh and they were SO accommodating to moms!  

To get here, you can walk or take the TTC.  There is also Green P Parking right on the street in front of their building.

Stroller Accessibility: 5

Accessibility is great here.  They have a side entrance for strollers and wheelchairs.  The space is very large and accomodating to large double strollers as well.  Feel free to baby wear into this place too, but strollers can definitely fit.

Environment: 5

I love the friendly atmosphere here.  The staff go out of their way to assist you with anything you need.  They have an awesome feature for kids with their “minicino”, your toddler can sit on a bar stool by the espresso machine and pick out a cup and toppings for their drink while you get settled.  I definitely will be bringing Felipa back for this — Watching some other moms take advantage of this was so adorable and smart!

Amenities: 5

They have high chairs with inserts and a large washroom with a full change table station.  If your little one is potty trained, they also have a toddler seat for the actual toilet if you need it too.

Food and Drinks: 5

I had an almond latte, avocado toast and a chai tea latte and all were delicious.  They use Barocco coffee beans and have a wide selection of drinks and food items.  They also have dairy alternatives.

Price Point: 5

The price point is average for Toronto coffee shops with drip coffee starting at $2 and lattes starting at $4.  

Overall Rating: 5

Can I give this place more than a 5 on the rating scale?! I really loved the atmosphere here.  The owners are great, the staff are welcoming and even the other patrons there were so excited to see a baby.  I cannot recommend this place enough.  I am only upset that I haven’t been here more often and planning on visiting again very soon! Great job Elvy and Flo, we LOVE your space!

For more information on their company, please visit: www.elvyandflo.ca

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  1. Thank you so much for your wonderful review — you’ve captured exactly what we want for our space. Felipa looks very sweet posing on the change table! We look forward to seeing you again soon. Ann and Perry

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