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As a busy mom it is hard to just schedule some time for yourself and actually stick to it! Well I did exactly that last weekend and it was glorious.  My husband pretty much forced me to get out the of the house and just have a Saturday morning to myself. 

For the last 6 years I have been getting my nails done at Urban Nails on the Danforth and I have a little ritual of getting there early so that I can head next door to the Dough Bakeshop. When my husband forced me out of the house, I immediately booked an appointment and was so excited for a treat and Americano at one of my favourite cafes!

This amazing little shop makes everything fresh, on site and in small batches. They are committed to using local and organic ingredients wherever they can. Their coffee is delicious and their treats are to die for.

Whether you are driving or taking the TTC, Dough Bakeshop is very accessible. There is parking along the Danforth right in front of the shop and the Broadview station is only a 5 minute walk from their door.

Stroller Accessibility: 5

I usually will head to this cafe on my own, but will occasionally bring Felipa with me. There is plenty of space to roll your stroller in to order, but dont plan on staying there too long. There is only one small high top counter with approx 3-4 stools to stop and eat. If you happen to get there when it isn’t busy, then it is completely possible to park your stroller and enjoy your coffee. If it is busy, then I suggest taking your order to go as it can get a bit cramped.

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Environment: 5

The staff are so friendly here. Always helpful and cheerful and quick to serve you. Even when the line is out the door, I have never waited longer than 5-10 minutes. The space is a bit small but this cafe isn’t geared towards sitting in as it has more of a “take-out” style to it. If you are solo and looking to enjoy a quiet morning then this is the place to hit up.

Amenities: N/A

Since this shop isn’t geared for sit down, there aren’t many amenities so it is hard to give this a fair rating. We decided to go ahead and make it N/A for the simple fact that it wouldn’t be fair to rate it poorly on its lack of change tables, high chairs and baby geared items. This spot is definitely worth it to grab a coffee and go and is definitely accessible if you do have your stroller. Just don’t expect to stay here for a long time with your little one.

Food and Drink: 5

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Dough Bakeshop

I don’t even know where to begin with the food and coffee selection here! Everything, and I mean EVERYTHING is absolutely delicious. I think my favourite thing to eat is their Cheddar Scone-wich with cream cheese and cucumber. It is the simplest little sandwich but it is soooo delicious. Their croissants, butter tarts and even their pre-made soups, take home meals and pizzas are super tasty. Did I mention that they offer gluten free items as well?

As for their coffee, I typically order an Americano and it is always perfect. They offer a selection of teas as well. If you are looking for Flavour Shots or Skim Milk then head to Starbucks, because you won’t find those here. They do offer Soy Milk and Almond Milk as an alternative for an additional 75 cents. Also great to note is that if you bring your own travel mug they will give you a small discount!

Overall Rating: 5

Overall, we have only great things to say about Dough Bakeshop! For a quick grab and go coffee to enjoying a quiet Saturday morning sitting by the window watching traffic go by; this is definitely a great small family owned shop to check out.

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