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My obsession with fall started when I was really little. It was the beginning of all the best holidays: Thanksgiving, my birthday and Christmas! I would get really excited about the leaves changing colour because that meant that fall was here and that my favourite holidays were approaching. It also meant that my family was going to take our yearly trip to Chudleigh’s Apple Farm to pick apples and pumpkins! So naturally, we had to bring our daughter Felipa to continue the tradition!

Chudleigh’s is located in Halton Hills, ON and while it’s not the closest apple farm to Toronto, it is definitely worth the trip.  The drive takes about 45 minutes in regular traffic.  There is a huge parking lot onsite, however try and get there early so that you can get a spot closer to the entrance. 

Chudleigh’s doesn’t just offer apple and pumpkin picking, they are a full entertainment space with something for the whole family.  Below is a list of some of the things they offer that you can look forward to when you visit:

  • Cafe/Bar/Restaurant
  • Apple & Pumpkin Picking
  • Tractor Rides
  • Petting Zoo
  • Playground with Slides & Hay Bales
  • Birthday Parties and Event Rentals
  • Trails to Hike Through (with a rope swing!)
  • Retail area to purchase baked goods

Stroller Accessibility: 5

You can easily bring your baby to Chudleigh’s in either a stroller or a carrier. If you choose to bring your stroller (like we did), then fret not—there is stroller parking for you once you take the tractor ride.  We also brought our carrier with us, so when we were on the tractor and actually picking apples then it was much easier to deal with a crawling baby!

Environment: 5

This is definitely a family friendly apple farm.  The staff are very knowledgeable, friendly and super helpful.  There is plenty to do on the farm to keep you and your kids busy.  This is an outdoor only facility, so be sure to dress according to the weather as there is no indoor space to escape a chillier day. 

Amenities: 5

Since Chudleigh’s is very family oriented, the amenities also reflect this.  The washrooms are very large and there is a change table located in the women’s washroom.  Again, please note that the washrooms are “open-air” so changing your baby is not in a covered environment so in cooler temps it can be a little challenging.  The actual stalls are very large, so if you need to stroll your kid in with you while you use the facilities, then this is also available.

There is a large play area with slides, hay bales and a tented area that can be reserved for birthday parties or other events.  There is also a cool path that you can hike with your family that the tractor ride stops in front of.  Make sure to check it out as they have different signs of animals that can be found in the woods as well as a tree swing for the kids (and you!) to try out.

Food and Drinks: 4.5

There is a large restaurant and cafe located just by the entrance of the apple farm.  The menu is small and includes pizza, salad and their famous Apple Blossoms, amongst other desserts.  We had the pizza and the salad.  It wasn’t anything too incredible, but definitely kid friendly and basic. 

If you aren’t into pizza and salad, then they do have a BBQ area where you can get Hot Dogs, Hamburgers and Sausage on a Bun.  Grab one and then go enjoy it in the picnic area.  I have been there when they also have fresh corn on the bbq as well, but just note that isn’t offered at all times.

As for the desserts, well they are definitely the stand out! If you haven’t had a Chudleigh’s Apple Blossom, then are you really even living?! If you don’t have an appetite for one while you are there, then be sure to visit their store (located by the exit) and you can purchase a box of them to take home.  Also available for purchase are: pre-picked apples, pumpkin pie, apple pie, sticky toffee pudding (which I had for the first time ever—and wow, so good!)

They have a bar on site as well near the cafe for parents that need a little extra something.  Chudleigh’s also just launched their own cider.  I didn’t have a chance to try it while we were there, so if you try it then please let us know what you thought!

Price Point: 3

Here is the only downfall about Chudleigh’s—the price! If you are on a tight budget then I recommend going in the “off-season” and not harvest season.  The prices are dramatically different.  You can expect to spend at least $50-$100 for a family of 4, including entrance fees, lunch and purchases to take home.

Overall Rating: 4

Chudleigh’s will always be one of my favourite fall places to attend.  I mean is there anything better than picking apples and pumpkins, hiking through the woods and then enjoying a warm apple blossom on a cool fall day?! Everything about this place just screams fall and not to mention—the photo ops! Make sure to check the harvest schedule before you go—especially if you are looking to pick a specific type of apple.  I would have given Chudleigh’s a perfect 5, however the food isn’t the greatest and the price point could be a deterrent for families on a budget.  However, other than those two things — it is an amazing day filled with tons of fun activities for the whole family!

If you get the chance to visit this family fun-filled farm, then let us know what you thought in the comments below! We’ve listed some useful links for you as well when planning your visit to the farm:

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