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I have been following Mom Boss, Amanda Jewson, on Instagram for years now! As soon as I became pregnant, I was obsessed with knowing everything about sleep. So when we started The Inner Momalogue Podcast, we knew that Baby’s Best Sleep just had to be on one of our episodes!

There is a reason that Amanda is known as the Sleep Queen — because she knows her shit! From her podcast Slumber Party, to her social media presence and her business, she is definitely making parents happy with all the sleep they are finally getting. So I am happy to spotlight this woman in business and everything that she has to offer!

“Think of it as an investment into your parenting for the next day”

Amanda Jewson, Baby’s Best Sleep on prioritizing your sleep: The Inner Momalogue Podcast – Season 1, Episode 5

About Amanda

Amanda is a a mom of two girls and is a member of the Association of Professional Sleep Consultants. She has completed extensive and rigorous training in 1 of only 5 pediatric programs recognized by the APSC.  Her programs are rooted in the latest child and infant research and sleep science so you can rest assured your baby is working within not only a gentle program but a scientifically proven one.

What Services Does Baby’s Best Sleep Offer?

Baby’s Best Sleep has a wide range of services so I have linked them all below so that you can check them out based on what sleep needs you require:

  • Newborn Sleep Consulting
  • Newborn Sleep Survival Guide
  • Infant Sleep Consulting
  • Toddler/Preschool Sleep Consulting

Each link will take you to the areas and types of programs they offer within the specific age category.

Get In Touch With Baby’s Best Sleep!

Interested in learning more about Baby’s Best Sleep and what programs they offer?! Click on the links below for more information!

Contact Directly:




Slumber Party Podcast:

Amanda Jewson in the Media:

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