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We’re Heather and Amanda, two Toronto moms to two little baby girls and the founders of Strollin for Lattes! We are so excited to have you join us on our parenting journey! This blog was started for other parents, like us, that were sick of going to the same places with their kids.  We are bringing you a selection of coffee shops, restaurants, fitness studios and kid friendly activities that you didn’t think you could visit. Yes, that’s right, over are the days of just heading to big chain restaurants or your girlfriend’s place to have a coffee. Heading out on the town with your baby doesn’t need to be scary and we’re hoping to help you see that there are some amazing spots in your neighbourhood to help you get out of your everyday routine!

Since we had our little girls, we have been scouring the city of Toronto to find the best places with stroller access, change tables, family friendly staff, great coffee and food — because we are not just moms, we are social beings that like to go out, and we weren’t about to let our babies stop us from going to the places we love!

So, that’s why we have created Strollin for Lattes.  Now you have a place where parents like you can easily access some great places in the city that you can take your baby or toddlers with confidence.  We’ll be posting reviews on our favourite places so that you never have to change your baby on a public bathroom floor ever again! (you know you have, we have too, and it sucks!)  We will also be bringing you some of our favourite go to recipes, DIY projects, fitness reviews and travel tips! Comment and let us know if you have any additional places that you would like to see featured, and you might see it pop up in the future!

Thank you for joining along and we hope you love what we have created!


Heather & Amanda

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PS: Some of our posts contain affiliate links and partnerships, which means if you purchase or sign up – Strollin for Lattes may get something in return. As always..all opinions, ideas and reviews are entirely our own.

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