Month: May 2020

From Diapers to Potty Trained in 36 Hours

How We Went From Diapers to Potty Trained in 36 Hours!

We did it! No more diapers! Okay, well no more diapers for our 2 year old WOOOO! I have been asked by a ton of people how we potty trained Felipa and I have finally written this all out for you. I will first begin with this: Be ready to chase your kid around all […]

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Parenting podcast

The Inner Momalogue Podcast: Trailer

Welcome to the Inner Momalogue Podcast with Amanda Casinha and Amanda Leach! We’re SO excited about this intro episode to help you understand who we are and what you can expect from our weekly episodes! We would love it if you could subscribe, rate and review us wherever you listen to your favourite podcasts, it […]

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Women in Business Review

Baby’s Best Sleep

I have been following Mom Boss, Amanda Jewson, on Instagram for years now! As soon as I became pregnant, I was obsessed with knowing everything about sleep. So when we started The Inner Momalogue Podcast, we knew that Baby’s Best Sleep just had to be on one of our episodes! There is a reason that […]

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Toddler Craft: Dinosaur Shoes!

If you follow my personal account on Instagram, then you have probably seen my stories where I have been sharing all of the crafts that we have been doing in quarantine! I am NOT an artist. I do NOT classify myself as an expert in diy crafts. BUT, I AM a mom of a busy-bodied […]

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