Month: December 2018

Toronto Family Reviews

Kidnasium Review

Alright, I give up! Winter is here, I get it already! We have pulled out the big coats, scarfs, and toques all in an effort to stay cozy while we brace the harsh elements. I may be a bit dramatic when it comes to the cold but if you have ever had to wrangle a […]

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Top 5 Tips: Navigating the Busy Streets of Hanoi, Vietnam

Vietnam: Top 5 Tips to Navigating the Busy Streets of Hanoi

We made this crazy, once in a lifetime decision about 6 months ago to take Felipa on a backpacking tour of Southeast Asia.  We were criticized by most, supported by many and questioned our decision along the way of planning almost every day.  I mean, who takes their 10 month kid across the world with […]

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Recipes Sides

Julia’s Loaded Smashed Potatoes

Growing up, my fondest memories were in the kitchen cooking and baking with my mom and grandmother.  So, I am so happy that my little sister is always excited to cook alongside of me.  Building these memories with her just gives me all of the feels!  This recipe is actually Julia’s creation.  We had just […]

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Toronto Fitness Review

Fitness Connection

Okay so we’re finally doing another Fitness Review. If you happen to follow us on Instagram, then you probably saw all of our stories and videos of the kick-ass personal training and bootcamp session we did last week! I am not gonna lie when I say that we are still a little sore from those […]

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Top 10 Tips: Flying with your baby

Baby Travel: 10 Tips to Make Flying with A Baby Easier

So, you’ve decided to get on an airplane with your little one!  Congratulations on making this big step and don’t worry —  you’ve got this! We started this travel section of the blog because so many people ask us about traveling with a baby. What are the best tricks for take off and landing? How […]

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